Bosco Eliceo Fortana Sparkling Red Wine


It is the sparkling wine made from the native grape variety of the Bosco Eliceo zone. The grape variety of the same name is distinctive in that it is grown on ungrafted rootstock in sandy soils. The result is a ruby red wine, with a characteristic varietal aroma, moderately tannic, sapid and fresh flavour. Though it is a red wine, the recommended serving temperature is 12-15 °C.


Bosco Eliceo Fortana Sparkling Red Wine

Grape variety: Fortana 100%
Soil: 90% sandy
Area of production: coastal area of the Basso Ferrarese (Po Delta)
Micro-zone: soils adjacent to the Abbey of Pomposa
Vine density: 5,000 vines / ha
Harvest: First ten days of October
Vinification: grape skin maceration at low temperatures, temperature-controlled fermentation in steel. Subsequent second fermentation with the Charmat method.
Bottling period: month of March
Average production: 10,000 bottles